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    At the weekend I popped into a branch of Waterstones with my three kids. We were predominately looking for Mothers Day gifts, but the kids were also clutching their £1 World Book Day vouchers, ready to see what they could swap their flimsy bit of paper for. Naturally, we gravitated towards the first World Book Day display we saw and started having a look at what was on offer. The kids were not that impressed, to be honest. And, as an experienced school librarian, I found it difficult to make recommendations when looking at the names on the front of the tiny books – Julian Clary? Clare Balding? That woman that won Great British Bake-Off? And Tom Fletcher?? 

  2. Myth Buster!

    When I was putting together the resources for the 2017 Excelsior Award (in 2016) I decided I wanted to use it as an opportunity to properly find out just how many girls take part every year. I’d always suspected it was quite a few, and I knew I had several all-girl schools that signed up every year, but I wanted to try and amass some data on this 'gender differential' issue and see if I could prove my theories (despite my natural aversion to data collection!). So I put an option to record gender on the Rating Form. It was as simple as everything else related to the Excelsior Award. Students were simply asked to circle “male” or “female”… and then I’d have all the data I needed.